Stop looking for a Laundry in Chiang Mai. Free Pickup & Delivery!

Laundry and Chores

A lot of people struggle with doing their laundry on a regular basis. It’s a very thankless chore in general, and you might have a hard time even motivating yourself to do the laundry, especially when you’re travelling. However, this can be something of a highly inconvenient chore in general, even for people who are willing to put in the time. For those who are traveling for business, tourists and backpackers or even expats in Chiang Mai, finding a way to get all of the laundry finished can be very difficult at the best of times. WashDrop’s Laundry in Chiang Mai can really help everyone in these situations with services ranging from an Express 6 Hour service to an Economical 48 hour service, all with free pickup and delivery from your hotel, apartment or hostel.

Hotel Laundry Services

One of the great things about working with WashDrop’s Laundry in Chiang Mai in general is the simple fact that people will have such an easy time getting all of their laundry done in a convenient manner. Some people will have a hard time even carving time out of their day to get the laundry done when they are traveling for any reason. If they do, the hotel laundry services might be terribly inadequate or extremely expensive.

If it’s a hostel or hotel with do it yourself laundry machines in Chiang Mai, you might find yourself fighting for machine time with others. I’ve seen it before where the moment that someone has leave their clothes unattended in a machine, another person will just take them out of the washing machine or the dryer in order to use the facilities for themselves. If this does happen, they will typically have to wash everything all over again, because you can’t really know if the laundry cycle was completed properly before your items were removed from the machine, and this is going to make the entire frustrating chore of laundry that much more difficult to finish for everyone.

Working With a Laundry Service in Chiang Mai

WashDrop’s Chiang Mai Laundry will literally pick up the clothes that need to be washed in the first place within a 30 or 60 minute window, depending on which level of service you have chosen. This will make them much easier to work with than a good portion of the other services that need you to drop the items off and pick them up, often at extremely inconvenient times. People who get their laundry picked up by WashDrop’s Laundry Service in Chiang Mai will be able to leave and do something else for a little while, making this a wonderfully convenient service for anyone to use.

WashDrop will then deliver your laundry back to you in just 6 hours if you book the Express service. In the meantime, you certainly do not have to wait for them. You can get a few business meetings out of the way if you area¬† business traveler. If you’re a tourist or backpacker, you can also go see some of the many great attractions in Chiang Mai if you are traveling for fun. One way or another, the laundry is being taken care of while you’re doing other things, and that can make all the difference for the people who are trying to get their chores out of the way during a trip.

Saving Money

One of the great things about working with WashDrop’s Laundry in Chiang Mai is the simple fact that people will not spend as much money as they would if they were using the hotel laundry services. While you might think that hotel laundry services in Chiang Mai will not cost you all that much money because most things are cheap here, it is true that these service charge a lot more than people might think for some of the most basic loads of laundry. Often the price of a pair of underwear is more than WashDrop charge for an entire kilogram of laundry. There is no reason for people to spend that much money on a simple load of clothes, and you can save quite a bit by booking a WashDrop laundry collection online.

For all new WashDrop customers who click through from this web site, you will get a great introductory offer of 80 Baht off your first order – there’s no need for remembering or entering any special WashDrop Discount Code. This well respected laundry service in Chiang Mai has worked with a wide range of different customers over the years, including digital nomads, tourists, travelers, expats, and Chiang Mai locals. WashDrop is making it easier for all of them to be able to outsource their laundry to a trusted provider and in a convenient way that will truly help them focus on other things in their lives.

It always makes sense to leave certain services to the professionals, and WashDrop’s Laundry in Chiang Mai are professionals at doing your laundry affordably and conveniently.